Replacement Fibre Cushions

Fibre Sofa Cushions

Wellmans Fibre Wrapped Foam Core

(Not to be confused with a Foam cushion with a Dacron wrap)
Usage: Seats/Backs

A bulbous cushion with a removable foam core, inside a fibre, filled jacket, these ultimate cushions are ideally suited to seating. They give the best sit by combining fillings to make best use of their natural characteristics. This range also enables ease of maintenance in that a minimal need for plumping is required. This option is also an ideal alternative to feather allergy sufferers

Fibre Wrapped Foam Core Scatter Back Cushions

Many new sofas come with scatter back cushions these days but are they really fit for purpose?. We don’t think so, they constantly need plumping up and look untidy. So, If your fed up constantly plumping up you scatter back cushions, we have the answer. This cushion will always spring back to it’s original shape. Ask for details!

Hollow Fibre Back Cushions

Usage: Backs

Hollow Fibre sofa cushions will give a degree of durability. Although Hollow Fibres can be used for seats we do not recommend them unless supported with foam. However, this option is ideal for back cushions and is a suitable alternative to feather allergy sufferers. Choose between a Corovin or Calico case. These can be shaped (going over the arm of the sofa or with tapers on the edges) or just rectangular and you can send your covers in or a template of the shape for us to copy to get these replaced.

Hollow Fibre Scatter Cushions

Hollow fibre scatters come in all sizes and a choice of rectangular, oblong, round & heart shapes and are finished in a corovin case.

Hollow Fibre is also available as a Scatter Back Cushion, many Back cushions on sofas these days are made with Scatter Cushions rather than the more common Back Cushion shape with a border.

To get a quote for these replacement Fibre Sofa Cushions you can email or call us the sizes of your covers on the Width x Length (Top to Bottom) and we can quote you today. (Scatter Back cushions have more filling than your standard decorative scatter to take the more pressure from using them bas Back Cushions).

Fibre Sofa Cushion

Fibre back cushions, any shape or size with a soft, luxurious feel.


Fibre Cushions can be known as the following:

  • Fibre Sofa Cushions
  • Polyester Cushions
  • Hollow Fibre
  • Fibre Cushions
  • Upholstery Fibre

We will give you a competitively priced, top quality replacement sofa cushion to fit your existing covers.

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Why Do We Not Have a Shopping Cart?

We intentionally do not have a shopping cart on our website. The reason for this is, we want to talk to our prospective customers to ensure that what is being ordered is (a) The correct cushion and (b) the correct size. This is especially important if you are replacing feather or fibre filled cushions with foam. Our 0800 number at the top of the page is free to call from landlines and mobiles. You will always get honest and impartial advice and, there is no obligation to buy.

Top Tip for Sofa & Chair Cushion Cover Replacement

These two simple step can be completed in minutes and you’re on the way to breathe new life back into your sofa & chairs.

  • Get accurate measurements of your existing sofa cushion covers. Obtain the length, width, and thickness of the cushions. If your sofa cushions are not an exactly square, rectangular or oblong, the longest edges should be measured. It is advisable to remove your cushions from one of your cover when obtaining these measurements to ensure accuracy but that is not important at this stage.
  • With your existing measurements in hand, you should have everything you need to determine what size cushion replacement you need.

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We supply replacement sofa cushions for all makes and models of sofas including:

Alstons / Derwent / DFS / Duresta / Ercol / Fab Sofas / G Plan / George Smith / Habitat / Howard and Sons / Ikea / John Lewis / Laura Ashley /, Multiyork / Next / Oka / Parker Knoll / / SofaSofa / SofaWorks / Tetrad / Wesley Barrell and many more…

Your Choice of Fillings

Feather Wrapped/Foam Core

DeQuilled Duck Feather

Fibre Wrap/Foam Cores

Qualofill Fusion Fibre (Seating)

Hollow Fibre (Backs)

Reflex Foams

Reflex Foam Dacron Wrapped